The Best Induction Ranges With Double Oven in 2021

The process of buying a new oven can be downright overwhelming. Gone are the days of simply buying a new machine. Now we run the formidable gauntlet of multiple companies waving seemingly identical products in our face, each assuring us that only they can offer us the wishes we only voice in dreams, and each offering stupendous advantages that sound too fantastic to be real. In short, in a market where businesses constantly compete for our money, there exists a wide selection of the same thing. Deciding which to buy can be a very confusing and frustrating process.

So I have done the research for you. The finer points of the slide-in range, freestanding range, best induction ranges, and double oven, I have researched and consolidated for you in one place, so that you can make a quick, informed decision on which buy is best for you.

Quick Primer on Induction (Because It’s Important)

Quickly, for our newbies, induction cooking was introduced as early as the 1930s and through technological trial and error, suffered from some prejudice in favor of the tried and true gas stovetop and electric range.

Within the last 10 years, renowned chefs have begun to prefer and appreciate the finer points of induction, among them being the even heat distribution from the burner to the pan, the time it takes for the range to reach the desired heat, and the energy saver that the induction oven has proven to be. As determined by the US Department of Energy, the induction is at least 6% more efficient than the electric range, and 31% more efficient than the gas, therefore requiring less electricity and cutting down on the pesky electric bills that no one likes to see.

The double oven feature sounds nice and straightforward, but the finer points of a convection oven, thermal cooking, and capacity of 30 inches or less may prove as initially disconcerting for you as they did for me. Convection cooking is when internal fans of the oven are activated during the baking process, to circulate the heat and more evenly cook the dish. Ovens that advertise true European convection mean that an additional heating element is included behind the fan to circulate preheated air for maximum heat circulation during the cooking process.

Essentially, this is an important buy for you and your family. Your daughter will burn her first eggs on it, your son will refuse to clean it after he lets the pasta water overflow, and your husband will surprise you with dinner he cooked in it when you come home late from work. The choice of which model to buy cannot be taken lightly, for an object that the family will so often congregate around to chat, to laugh, and to eat. 

Read on, to discover the five criteria necessary to know when buying your oven, or skip straight on to the top pick for induction range double ovens.

What Should I Look for When Buying an Induction Range with a Double Oven?

With so many companies advertising their product as the best buy, it’s hard to know which one to choose, or whom to believe. So I’ve highlighted the necessary criteria to consider when making your decision.

Criteria #1: Cost. As much as we’d all like to reach for the stars and not take money into account when contemplating our desires, it’s an inescapable truth that money directly affects our shopping choices.

Criteria #2: Aesthetics. While not the one determining factor, the look of our setup matters when trying to create a look that blends gracefully with the feel of the kitchen. So in addition to the general look of the model, whether it is a slide-in induction range or a freestanding induction range, will affect how our stovetop and double oven work in the space, making the type of setup an important consideration for the informed shopper to consider.

Criteria #3: Size matters. The double oven induction cooktop is an innovative way to maximize usage out of a kitchen space allotted for one oven, and in general, they are approximately the same size. Instead of the warming drawer under an average single oven, the double oven includes two ovens in a comparably similar shape and size to the single oven set up. However, differences do exist in the cooktop range setup. Depending on the amount of cooktop usage you anticipate, the number of burners is an important consideration when buying your new kitchen companion.

Criteria #4: Is it dummy-proof and does it provide options? No matter how cool a new appliance is, if it’s irritatingly complicated to understand, then it certainly feels like more trouble than it’s worth. Some of our oven/induction cooktops come with wifi connections and can connect remotely to your phone. Yet the coolness factor is dependent on our ability to understand how to get all the cool stuff to work the way it should. Additionally, checking that your oven gives you options like convection or thermal cooking, or that it self-cleans, are important details that are easy to overlook when falling in love with sleek stainless steel, new cooking machine.

Criteria #5: Brand. Now, this value isn’t so that you can name-drop fancy brand names to all your friends, but it is important when considering things like standard company warranty policy and if its customer support team is on top of client concerns and issues. In the event that you need future communications with this company to go well, it’s important to check which company you’re agreeing to be in a relationship with for the next fifteen years.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Induction Ranges with Double Ovens

In my search for the top 5 best induction range double ovens currently revealed to mankind, I focused on finding and reading customer reviews to check from the consumers perspective, just how easy the machinery was to work with, how well it functioned, and if issues arose, how quickly and efficiently the company responded. I refused to consider anything that had zero to too few reviews, as those models presented insignificant information to properly assess value. Additionally, I did what every science teacher touts as the answer to world peace and made a graph, comparing the features and specialty settings advertised for each model of oven-range setup. 

#1: KitchenAid – 6.7 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Double Oven Electric Induction Convection Range KFID500ESS (Best Value – All-Purpose)

This freestanding range oven is smooth and sleek, coming in black, stainless steel, or white. The silhouette is minimalistic, adding a flair of modern that would complement any style of home, and the oven door handles are slim and pretty. However, the real charmer on this oven is the surprising blue on the inside, which adds a sparkle in a market otherwise ruled by the standard black, white, and silver. This internal color adds an element of fun while still preserving the classic look of your appliance.

The control panel is set in the backsplash above the cooktop, and the electric-powered induction burners are concealed by a black glass-ceramic shield. This model adds convenience to the cooking experience with European convection cooking in the bottom and standard thermal cooking in the top so that the cooking method can be adjusted to the dish. Additionally, this oven comes with a child lock function making it a good option for prospective parents or families with small children.

But the real reason that this oven range setup steals the show and is my number one top pick is its incredible viewer ratings coupled with how comparably affordable it is to all its other competitors. A steal at $2,609.99 and (as of this writing) now only $2,099.99, comparable quality induction range ovens are well into the $3,000’s if not more. While the cost makes this oven range possible for so many families, it is not just a cheap setup that promises the world and fails to deliver as so many online purchases do.

I read the reviews on all the ovens I’ve listed here, and surprisingly, this was the only oven range that the customer service and response were explicitly cited as helpful, quick, and informed. As with any appliance, you can expect inevitable wear and tear; glitching is an eventuality. Such glitching was referenced in all ovens by at least one upset shopper, but this model had reviews that described the customer service response as efficient and solving the problem satisfactorily.

One reviewer disappointedly wrote that the induction range “clicks and makes a noise like electricity is shooting through the air,” however, after a very long reading of all the reviews, where others specifically rebutted the claim and said the noise (a known feature of induction stovetops) was mild and unobtrusive, I had to conclude that the one reviewer was having a bad day.

Overall, this oven received 4.3 stars on Amazon reviews, therefore receiving the best all-around oven, due to its versatility in cooking, positive reviews on performance, excellent experiences when dealing with the company, AMAZING price, and sleek, clean lines.

#2: Cafe 30″ ADA Slide-In Front Control Induction And Convection Double Oven Range CHS950P3MD1 (Best Buy for Our Big Spenders)

While I raved about the KitchenAid model, and it still wins my MVP award in the induction double oven dream team, if your budget is a little larger and the gadgetry is more of your thing, then the Cafe Slide-In Induction Range Double Oven is the one for you. The KitchenAid is the cool and reliable option for any family, but the Cafe Induction is just…well…cool.

Coming in black, stainless steel, or white, the oven offers an additional fun look with its bronzed/copper handles option, giving a fresh look to an appliance that has otherwise ruled the market in shades of grey. The control panel is set in between the oven knobs and disappears when not in use, adding an almost futuristic aspect that cooperates nicely with the trim exterior.

The aesthetic of this model is completely different from the streamlined simplicity of KitchenAid, which means that the preference is subjective. While I loved the simplified, no-knob design of the KitchenAid, some reviewers wrote that they genuinely missed the knobs, and others appreciated the Cafe Induction’s ability to merge technology and comfort.

Having slightly more versatility than its KitchenAid competitor with 5 burners instead of 4, this oven is perhaps more suited to our serious cooks out there who are willing to spend $3,689 or more. Additionally, the Cafe is also more suited to those who value the latest technology that money can buy, as it can communicate and be controlled through your smartphone, a handy feature when you’re multitasking. For serious chefs, the Cafe offers true European convection, a must when preparing dishes requiring sensitivity to temperature retention whilst cooking. 

The Cafe Induction received some pretty excellent and enthusiastic (also more numerous) reviews, getting a whopping 4.6 stars. Unfortunately, no mention of customer service was included, so while this range was really impressive, it scored slightly lower on my list than the KitchenAid for customer service and slightly lower due to cost. However, there is no denying that this amazing oven is a tempting splurge, has great reviews, stellar aesthetics, and is a reliable brand, contributing to a much-deserved ranking of a close second place. To those who can afford to spend a little more, all I can say is enjoy!

#3: SAMSUNG Slide-In Induction Range, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel NE58H9970WS (Most Versatile)

The Samsung Slide-In Range came as a bit of a surprise for me because it isn’t a double oven in the classical sense. For those who like the double oven unit but miss the warming drawer with all its added benefits, the Samsung manages to provide the best of all three worlds – induction, warming drawer, and a neat, two oven setup – all in the same space. The benefits of a two oven setup are, amongst other things, the ability to cook two dishes at different temperatures, at the same time. Through intelligent engineering, the Samsung single oven partitions itself into two with a Smart Divider and can be used to cook two dishes simultaneously at different temperatures with no detectable alterations.

The Samsung induction cooktops are a classic black glass, 4 burner set up, but what brings these induction ranges into the official “Cool” club is their virtual flame, blue indicators that activate when the burner is hot – a smart safety measure and also really aesthetically pleasing. The body of the unit comes in a stainless steel shell and a classic 4 knob configuration placed at the top front of the body, separated by the control panel with LEDs of ice blue.

The Samsung oven capacity is a versatile 5.8 cubic feet and uses true convection oven dual fanning for even heat distribution. As all our top pick ovens do, the Samsung induction cooking range comes with a self-clean function, which can be set to 2, 4, or 6 hours, adding versatility to an already great unit.

Now, let’s get down to brass tax. The Samsung scored less well in my reviews and cost analysis, bumping it down to third place on the list. Firstly, while Samsung received some exuberant endorsements in the reviewer section, there was a wider range of dissatisfaction with the Samsung customer service response team than I expected from a company that is so reputable when it comes to other technological appliances. With a respectable 3.5 stars on Amazon, the main issues that I found with this induction range and oven were that the technology seems to be a bit susceptible to error and that Samsung had a slow response time. The controls on the panel are highly sensitive, and one reviewer found the beeping irritating. Finally, the Samsung model is currently not available, so pricing is a bit of a mystery although my research would indicate somewhere in the low $3,000s and Samsung enthusiasts may have to exercise patience before buying their dream machine.

In closing, the Samsung has killer features, provides the most versatility in terms of use of all the top three ovens, and is a valuable addition to anyone’s kitchen, however, due to pricing and some unfortunate customer service complaints, as well as a smaller double oven setup, this induction range oven receives third place.

#4: Electrolux EW30IS80RS Wave-Touch 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection (Best Modern Profile)

Out of all the top picks, The Electrolux Slide-In Induction Range has the most clean-cut profile. While the #1 pick KitchenAid had a similar streamlined form, the Electrolux is a slide-in, and the no backsplash look adds a trimmed efficiency to the shape of the unit. The color and finish is stainless steel, and the top is ceramic glass, black. One reviewer was especially jazzed about the smoothly gliding oven doors, the soft light fade-out after doors close, and the control panel that “wakes up” with a touch of the finger.

The oven offers a variety of options like Bread Mode and of course Self Clean, in addition to its dual convection oven and 4 burner induction range, plus a warming drawer. This oven may have had a shot at first place if it hadn’t taken the hit from its customer service rating, and inaccessibility.

While not the most affordable (also not the bank breaker) at a little over $3,000, the Electrolux received a 3 out of 5 stars from reviewers, who commented that while the Electrolux is very nice, the experience when dealing with the company to fix machinery is long and tiresome. Finally, the 1-year warranty means that post a year, fixing the parts is very expensive.

With an impressive induction cooking setup, this Electrolux induction range and oven receives an honorable 4th place for aesthetics, positive reviews, acceptable cost, and capacious ovens. In conclusion, if an at first unobtrusive, but on closer inspection, smart and nifty oven is what you need to bring your kitchen together, the Electrolux is your knight in stainless steel armor.

#5: Thermador Pro Grand Professional Series (An Industrial Oven)

 I’m half including this oven for fun, but who knows, maybe you’ll end up buying it. If you own a restaurant then it’s worth it, otherwise I’m going to go out on a limb and say right off the bat that you probably can’t responsibly afford it for personal use: It costs $14,000 at AJ Madison. No, I didn’t add a zero to that number.

This oven attempts to justify that price by having just about every feature you can possibly imagine. It has 7 induction range burners, 6 of which are standard circular burners for your pots and pans, and one of which is a long strip perfect for trays. 4 of the burners are designed to stay on low heats for all of your simmering needs. The first oven of the unit is 5.7 cubic feet, and has two telescopic racks, while the smaller oven is 2.5 cubic feet and has two telescopic racks. Only the main oven has true convection with a heating mechanism behind the fan, but both ovens have convection baking, roasting, and broiling capabilities.

On top of all that, this oven connects to your wifi and has smart capabilities so you can control it from your phone, which will make the chaos of managing a restaurant a little more manageable. Plus it has a self-cleaning function that takes only two hours.

If you’re in a line of work that revolves around food, or if you have a massive family and can afford it, then this oven does literally everything. It’d be easier to name what it doesn’t do. And even if, like most people, you won’t buy this all-in-one induction range double oven, it can serve as a good blueprint for finding out which features you care about and which you don’t.

Verdict: Your Best Induction Range with Double Oven 

If you want the best of the best ovens, pick #2, the Cafe ADA Slide-In. If you need affordability but still innovation and streamlined luxury, take my all-around-top-pick, the #1 KitchenAid. If your livelihood depends on it or you’re willing to just go all out for every feature, then you’ll want to go with our #5 pick, the Thermador Pro Grand Professional series.

Finally, my friends, I hope you’re staying healthy, are feeling confident in your informed decisions, and that I helped to illuminate for you a topic that can be very overwhelming. Cheers!